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Accident Cases We Represent

Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to traumatic injuries and car damage that can be a huge financial drain on anyone.

Motorcycle Accidents

When you are injured due to the negligence of others it is important that you seek assistance from a competent motorcycle accident attorney.

Truck Accidents

Accidents between an 18-wheeler truck and a passenger vehicle can result in a greater likelihood of injury or wrongful death.

Bicycle Accidents

Often times bicycle accidents can lead to traumatic injuries and even car or property damage.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a painful experience that is often financially and legally devastating on a family.

Personal Injury

Accidents can introduce critical decisions in ones life, it is imperative you discuss your rights thoroughly.

Slip & Fall

Slip and fall accidents can lead to traumatic injuries it is important to discuss your options as soon as possible.

Pedestrian Accidents

Serious injuries can make it difficult or impossible for you to work, discuss your options with a lawyer who can help.

Law Office of Mahmud Yennes

Free Consultation, Affordable Services

We understand that many individuals may be hesitant to contact a lawyer because they are worried they will not be able to afford the fees. They may be tempted to try to handle their legal matter themselves, but that is often a recipe for a less-than-desirable outcome. When you have been seriously injured, you have been denied a claim, or you have been accused of a crime, we want you to have access to the quality representation — and justice — you deserve.

That is why The Law Office of Mahmud Yennes, a Tampa Law Firm offers a free consultation about your case so that you can tell your story, learn your options, and discover how we can help. We also offer affordable fees for your criminal case, and charge no fees for your personal injury case unless you obtain compensation for your losses.


Real Estate

At The Law Offices Of Mahmud Yennes PLLC, a Tampa Law Firm - Our Real Estate Practice Includes Legal Counseling And Representation In All Matters Involving Residential And Commercial Real Estate, Including: The Sale, Purchase, Financing, Refinancing, As Well As Issues Involving Homeowner And Condominium Associations.

Free Consultation

No Fee, Unless You Collect!

Personal Injury

At The Law Offices Of Mahmud Yennes, Our Tampa Personal Injury Law Firm Is Here To Help You Understand Your Legal Rights And Remedies. Our Goal Is To Get Each Of Our Clients The Justice They Deserve. That Means We Will Not Hesitate To Bring Your Case To Trial And To A Jury.

Free Consultation

Insurance Defense

At The Law Offices Of Mahmud Yennes, We Are Here To Represent You When Your Insurance Claims Are Denied Or Insufficient. Automobile Insurance, Homeowners’ Insurance, Personal Injury, And Workers’ Compensation. Other Areas Include Professional Liability, Governmental, Labor And Employment, Product Liability, Toxic Torts And Medical Negligence.

Free Consultation

Criminal Defense

At The Law Offices Of Mahmud Yennes, We Are Here To Handle The Complexity Of Your Case, As A Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney We Will Treat Your Case With Precision, Excellence And Diligence.

Free Consultation


At The Law Offices Of Mahmud Yennes, We Understand That At Times Our Clients Need Solutions To Escape Their Overwhelming Debt And Get Back On Track. At The Law Office Of Mahmud Yennes We Are Here To Assist And Advise Our Clients On The Advantage Of Their Rights Under Bankruptcy Protection To Restart, Rebuild And Recover.

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Car accident lawyer near me, most damages in a car accident case come from medical bills and lost wages. Your attorney will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.