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Violation of Probation - A violation of probation occurs when a defendant substantially and willfully violates the conditions of a probationary sentence.

When Do You Contact

A Tampa Criminal Defense

Lawyer Regarding Violation of Probation?

Violation Of Probation can be serious in the State of Florida. Anyone charged with Violation Of Probationin Tampa should seek immediate counsel with a Tampa criminal defense lawyer.

What is Violation of Probation?

In Florida, The Florida Supreme Court makes clear that probation is considered a privilege, not a right, and it does not constitute a punitive sentence. A violation of probation occurs where a defendant substantially and willfully fails to comply with terms and conditions of their probationary sentence.

What are the common types of probation violations?

In Florida, we see common probation violations include, new criminal offenses, failed drug tests, failure to meet financial obligations, failure to complete court-ordered programs, and missed appointments.

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Probation Violation

Should I Hire a Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Florida’s penalties for Probation violation can be severe and our Tampa criminal defense lawyers examine carefully every element of your case to provide you with the best possible defense at this difficult point in your life. Furthermore, defending probation violation charges requires the understanding of complex defenses which are unique to these types of cases. Contacting a criminal defense attorney early on ensures you’re not missing out from defenses that may not be available later on down the line.

All cases vary and the defenses for each are unique to thier situation. it would be near impossible to list all the potential defenses to Probation Violations. If you have been accused of violating probation or community control, you may have defenses available to contest the charge or minimize potential penalties. 

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Finding A Probation Violation Attorney In Tampa

If you have been charged with Probation violation and you're in need of legal help, contact a criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of Mahmud Yennes. We will work hard on your case!

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